Road Line

Road Line has been informed by my work on the east coast of America where there is still an active granite industry that produces, amongst other things, curb stones. 

Often unnoticed, these sinuous lines are an expression of human and geological movement. I say geological because granite is fire-formed, and so was at one time fluid – the lines are for me also evocative of when the stone was molten.

I propose to make a single continuous line of granite curb stones that will branch off from an existing roadside curb just outside the College entrance and then meander through the grounds of the Campus.

Detached from the road the curb would become a drawing, a line to follow and a journey. A line that leaves the ‘straight and narrow’ and goes its own way will, I hope, resonate with the students who will also pass through the college on their own journeys and that, wherever life takes them afterwards, they will always be reminded of their time in Maine whenever they see a curb stone.    

It would be the antitheses of the definition to curb, which is to control or limit. 

Proposal extract, October 2021

Curb Stones




246 stones of standard radii, as produced and used by the curb industry. Approximately 900 linear ft in length.

Curb setting – Devin Connor, Michael Dewey

Cutting, Transport, compacting and general labour – Cole Dewey, Braden Ryder, Michael Walsh, Michel Myers, Dawson Burnett, Darron Collins, Nick Sawyer, Caleb Davis, Gibran Buell, Mathias Kamin lll, Josiah Bray-Marks, Isaiah Wilson McFarlane

Curb fabrication – Le Masurier, Massachusetts, Swenson, New Hampshire, Taunton Bay, Maine.

Curb inventory – Alexa Kelly

Asphalt – Ring Paving

Tree Protection – Josh Miller 

Project Management – Mitch Zaninelli, Devin O’Conner, Liz Bower, Darron Collins